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Decor Tips for Your Housewarming Party

August 3, 2017 Entertaining 0

Moving into your new apartment during the summer is the best time to embrace a fresh start and of course, throw an epic house warming party to celebrate a new chapter. Once you’ve survived the agonizing moving process and have tossed the last box away, consider some of these décor tips for your housewarming party that will make your new place ready to show off to your family and friends.

Use Plants To Fill In Space

When you’ve just move into a new place, chances are that you won’t have it fully furnished before you throw that epic housewarming party. And that’s okay – we all get that it’s a process. But to help fill in some of that dead space throughout your home, you can use potted plants, such as ferns and large potted palms to place in corners and spaces for added colour too. You can also pick up some for the patio area to block off any areas that are under construction or that aren’t ready to be seen.

Create A Nice Table Spread

Let’s be honest – the food is usually the main event of housewarming parties. So put enough time in focusing on your app menu and also the setting of the table since this will be a focal area that all eyes will be drawn towards. You can use simple décor items like different level tiers to place your food on, along with a nice tablecloth, and flowers to spruce it up.

Create A Bar

Having a designated bar area is also a great tactic for adding some extra flare your space without putting in too much effort. You can pick up a bar cart from a home décor store, or create a DIY project by refurbishing a vintage find. Stock it up with your favour liquor and set it up next to a spot where your guests can help themselves.

Focus On Accessories

If you feel like your new place is a little bare or lacking colour, you can easily fix that by focusing on accessories such as a nice throw for the couch, and colourful cushions to place on your furniture to add in those simple splashes to go with your décor theme. These are quick fixes that can easily spruce up any space in no time.

Often, it’s hard to contain the excitement of moving into a new place. And before you know it, you’ve got a housewarming planned with little to no furniture to accommodate your guests. But with a few simple touches, you can still throw an epic party that your friends and family can enjoy, while being able to show off your new space with pride.

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