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Eating Out Over the Holidays? Here are 4 Ethical Approaches

Sometimes, we just aren’t able to stay by the stove and whip up lunch or dinner at home – after all, it’s the busiest time of year! Over the holiday season, it’s all too easy to give in to temptation and convenience, but what do you do if you want to say “no” to all…
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November 20, 2018 0

Fun Kitchen Recipes for Kids

Getting the kids involved in cooking, even at an early age, can be a fun way to spend quality time together while teaching them some valuable skills. But, of course, you need some fun kitchen recipes for kids that will get them as excited as you are to get messy in the kitchen. We’ve got…
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October 16, 2017 0

5 Fresh Herbs You Can Grow In Your Kitchen

Imagine being able to just walk over to your windowsill to snip some fresh herbs for your recipes whenever you need them. Well, it’s easier than you think! Growing herbs in your kitchen is simple and so handy. Plus, it keeps your home smelling fresh and amazing. Here are 5 fresh herbs that you can…
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September 7, 2017 0

Pool Party Menu Items

With the summer heat in full swing, there’s no better time to take full advantage of your pool by hosting a party (or two). If you’re looking for some pool worthy items to make your party even more memorable, here are some ideas to add to your menu.   Teriyaki Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Easy finger…
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July 26, 2017 0

3 Summer Ingredients To Serve Up In Your Kitchen

Looking to serve up tasty summer dishes to tingle your taste buds? There are some ingredients when you taste, smell or even just look at that scream summertime. And with only a few designated months out of the year that we get to enjoy the warm weather, it’s time to go all out and embrace…
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July 13, 2017 0

Canada Day Menu Items

What better way to celebrate our nation’s pride than with a Canada themed menu? With Canada turning the big 150 this year, there’s no better time to whip up some tasty recipes that show some good old Canadian love. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.   Sweet Potato Poutine Ingredients: 8 large sweet…
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June 28, 2017 0

How to Make Perfect Banana Bread – Every Time

You don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen or related to Martha Stewart in order to make delicious food. If you weren’t born with natural talent in the kitchen, all it means is you need to take a bit more time and care in your food preparation in order to put out a…
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June 20, 2017 0

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Quinoa

Everyone has heard of “Quinoa The Superfood”, but many people are simply stumped on how to cook it. This tiny grain is high in protein and is free of wheat, making it the perfect choice for those with gluten intolerances. Eating quinoa also provides you with calcium, fibre and several B vitamins. It’s pretty clear…
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June 16, 2017 0

4 Tips to Start – and Maintain – a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, and one that takes a certain amount of commitment to maintain. There are many ways for a person to fall short of their healthy eating goals, and the fast paced world we live in is not typically of any assistance. Here are some helpful tips to help maintain a…
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May 24, 2017 0

What are the Advantages of a Healthy Diet?

When you really focus on eating healthy foods, something amazing happens inside your body. Your body takes all of the good vitamins and nutrients that are supplied from healthy food and turns it into the fuel you require to burn energy at a healthy rate. The same cannot be said for unhealthy food. Boost Energy…
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May 22, 2017 0