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5 Must-Have Items For Your Summer Patio Party

August 21, 2017 Entertaining 0

Finding any excuse to spend time outside soaking up the vitamin D is what summer is all about. And hosting a patio party is the perfect excuse to spruce up the patio, fire up the barbecue and summon the friends and family over. If you’re looking for some ideas for your outdoor space, here are 5 must-have items for your summer patio party.

Grilling Station

Summer is all about the sultry scent of the barbeque. It’s one of the main events when it comes to any summer party, so you’ve got to have it looking decent. If your grill is looking a bit dire from the winter, consider upgrading it or at least creating a grilling station to spruce it up. You can easily do this by adding a mobile counter that’s propped on wheels to place your grilling utensils on and can be moved around when needed. Add any accessories to go along that will make your grilling action easier and tidier.

Add A Game Or Two To Heighten The Fun

Patio parties are all about lounging in the sun with a cold beverage in hand. But just because it might be an adults-only party, doesn’t mean you can’t add in a few games to heighten the fun. Consider throwing down a game of Bocci Ball, or tossing up a volleyball net to get your guests out of their chairs and in on the action to boost the vibe of your party.

Designated Cooler and Bar

Drinks are a must for keeping everyone hydrated, so you need a designated spot to stash items that need to be chilled, while also having a bar area to stir up some cocktails. You can pick up a cooler or even a beer fridge to place near the patio door. Also, consider stirring up a summer punch cocktail so your guests can easily serve themselves so you can enjoy the party too. Having a mobile cart is also a handy addition for the drinks.

Shaded Canopy

As much as we love to soak up that sunshine, having a shaded area is a must. So think about different ways to provide some reprieve. Place up an umbrella or even pick up an easy-to-assemble canopy to prop up on your lawn to allow your guests to enjoy the shade.

Light It Up

If you plan on having your patio party stretch until the evening time or night, then adding some lighting features will help create that cozy atmosphere. You can string lanterns along your patio, or even string bulbs along the canopy to provide enough light for your guests to move around and see one another.

Patio parties are what the summer is all about and any excuse is a good excuse to be outside spending time relaxing with friends and family. Before your party, be sure to add some of these must-have items for your summer patio party to make it enjoyable for everyone, including yourself.

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