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5 Fresh Herbs You Can Grow In Your Kitchen

September 7, 2017 Food 0

Imagine being able to just walk over to your windowsill to snip some fresh herbs for your recipes whenever you need them. Well, it’s easier than you think! Growing herbs in your kitchen is simple and so handy. Plus, it keeps your home smelling fresh and amazing. Here are 5 fresh herbs that you can grow in your kitchen that are easy to grow and great to have on hand.


Nothing beats the smell of fresh basil. And it’s no surprise that this is one of the most poplar herbs that homeowners choose to grow, whether it’s in the kitchen or the garden. Dried or fresh, it can be thrown into almost anything. You can grow basil from seeds by sowing them early in the springtime and then transplanting them outside after the frost has passed, or you can just purchase an already-grown pot near a window where it can get full morning sun.


Adding chives to mashed potatoes is enough reason to grow these in your kitchen. Similar to garlic and onions, chives are a great addition to so many different dishes. They’re also anti-inflammatory and great for your system. These can also be grown from seed inside your home. They can grow over the years in large clusters, which can be divided up and replanted. It’s important to remember that when you clip them, cut across the base of the plant leaving about ½” of the plants above the soil. These prefer sun to part shade so make sure they have access to a bright window.


Lavender is a very therapeutic, versatile herb. One whiff of it and you can understand why. It contains so many beneficial properties and can be used for baking or simply for herbal use in its natural form. This herb blooms well in the summertime and prefers full sun. You can give it a light prune during he springtime to encourage growth.

Cilantro/ Coriander

People seem to either love or hate this herb, but if you’re a lover then this one is for you. This herb is also super versatile and it’s one of the most widely used herbs throughout the world. It’s aromatic and flavourful, and can be easily grown from seed. Cilantro needs full sun to light shade and should be kept clean as it grows to avoid any fungal growth.


Did you know that mint is great for keeping pests away from your home? Well, it is so all the most reason to add this to your kitchen. Whether it’s dessert, sauce to go with your lamb shanks or even a refreshing mojito, you can’t go wrong with mint. It needs sun to part shade and is one of the easiest herbs to keep alive.

Whether it’s for cooking, natural remedies or simply to keep your home smelling fantastic, there’s no reason why you can’t start growing fresh herbs right in your own kitchen. And with these 5, you can’t go wrong. Get started and enjoy all the benefits they can provide.

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