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5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Quinoa

June 16, 2017 Food 0

Everyone has heard of “Quinoa The Superfood”, but many people are simply stumped on how to cook it. This tiny grain is high in protein and is free of wheat, making it the perfect choice for those with gluten intolerances. Eating quinoa also provides you with calcium, fibre and several B vitamins. It’s pretty clear that quinoa is good for you, now the trick is preparing it.

On it’s own quinoa has a slightly nutty taste and can appear quite bland. But mixed with the right ingredients it becomes the star of your plate.

Method #1 – A cold side salad

Prepare and cook some red beets on the stove. The water in which you cooked the beets in will turn a brilliant shade of pinky-red, use some of this water to then cook your quinoa in on the stove until it fluffs nicely with a fork. Once the quinoa is fully cooked mix together with the beets and throw in some dried cranberries while the mixture is still hot. Mix thoroughly and chill in your fridge. This cold side salad is a welcomed addition to almost any main! And is delicious and extremely healthy if you want to eat it on it’s own.

Method #2 – A simple salad topper

Cooking the quinoa isn’t necessarily the problem, it’s what to do with it once you’ve cooked it that may have you stumped. Chill your cooked quinoa and sprinkle it on your favorite leafy salad as a topper. Once you add your salad dressing the quinoa will be a subtle crunch but will take on the taste of your dressing of choice.

Method #3 – A warm side dish

Boil water on the stovetop and add half a cube of vegetable bouillon, or a full cube depending on how big your quinoa batch will be. Add raw quinoa and cook normally. Before the quinoa is fully cooked, add in some vegetables to the mix, can be frozen or fresh, your choice. It’s ideal for this dish that the veggies be cut small. The veggies and the quinoa will have absorbed the bouillon flavors and once fluffed up are ready to be served! This dish is best served hot.

Method #4 – Chili

Everyone has their favorite chili recipe that they love to make. Make one simple addition and you can greatly increase the protein and vitamin content in your deliciou chili. That addition is obviously quinoa! Just cook some up and toss it into your finished chili product.

Method #5 – A healthy substitute

Any scenario where you would naturally use rice, simply substitute it for quinoa. You will keep your gluten free friends happy and give yourself a health boost all at the same time.

Quinoa is a very easy grain to work with, and with a bit of creativity you can add it to almost any dish you are preparing! Go ahead, get inspired and mix it up with a little quinoa!

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